Autumn Emerging

September brings memories of many firsts in my life and the promise of new things to come.  It is the month I first knew I was fully in love with my husband many, many moons ago. It is also the month of his birth. It is the month when we closed on our first house, and it is the month when we got our very first dog. September brings with it the anticipation that autumn is just around the corner. The unbearably sticky heat of August transitions to the crisp, coolness of October during this time.  My spirit is envigorated in the fall and I look forward to all of the fall festivities on the horizon.

2 thoughts on “Autumn Emerging

  1. Suzanne

    I love autumn, and get excited when it comes…I feel like the new year starts for me in autumn. I love your page, you inspired me to try to keep up my own more often. I\’ve had to be offline quite a bit over the last month, but I miss class, and hope to be back in soon, and see you there.
    Keep up your wonderful writing & take care
    Suz x

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