Genre research: Horror

So, half of writing is research about writing.  Market research, genre classifications, etc., etc. As I’m going on my merry way I see a post on a forum about a person getting published and I click the link, I mean we have to support our fellow writers, after all.  Horror, it says. Normally I stay far, far away from horror as disurbing images really, really get to me. I mean, really.  Anyway, I look for the story and it’s good and I manage to read it all the way through.  That’s not so bad, the horror part was virtually non-existant. The story itself I really liked.  Something clicked, hmm I think I can write that. Happy endings turned to the death of a main character or some other such twist of fate that wasn’t soo scary but a wee bit disturbing.  So I read a few more stories from the same publication.  Ok, now I know I can write this. Delving into the dark side isn’t so hard, after all… but is that really horror? So, I go again in search of more of the same, just to see, because surely some horror is really horrific. Yep, it doesn’t take long to find a place which publishes horror needing a disclaimer right on the front page warning just how disturbing the stories might really be… I hesitate…I consider it…I have a migraine anyway, might as well not irritate myself…today.

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