Genre Research: Magical Realism

Finally!  I have been searching for the right genre in which to classify my most recent writing.
 I do love to write about things happening in this day and age while adding a bit of the paranormal to the mix.  The problem I was having is that classifying it as paranormal didn’t seem to fit due to the fact that the paranormal genre has a tendency to imply that things going on are shocking and frightful, even to the character experiencing it.  People who would read my stories often would say that my characters needed to be  little more reactive when a spirit appeared or act a bit more frightened when they stepped into the other realm via a looking glass. In my opinion, at least for someone in the story, these experiences should be totally "normal".
I also had a problem placing my stories into the fantasy or sci-fi genre because, well, that type of writing takes a lot more creativity than I have.  Creating alternate universes, original species with their own civilizations and their own languages, new modes of transportation that travel in the blink of an eye is not something that comes naturally to me.  So I was at a loss.
Here’s what Wiki has to say about it:
I think these definitions fit. 
Now, does anyone know where I can submit fiction in the Magical Realism genre for publication?

3 thoughts on “Genre Research: Magical Realism

  1. Tim

    Hi Disa
    Nice to see you found a genre that fits your writing, until you actually mentioned it I had never really stop to think what the few pieces of your work I have read would come under I just read and enjoyed them. I agree with you as well on the subject of the character I think it is good to have a normal person in there as not everyone reacts but I guess some people like to write that way. I liked the explanation that Writing World gave for Magical Realism as until you mentioned it I never really knew much about it so least I learnt something this week. LOL

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  2. Suzanne

    Hey Disa,
    You know, I\’m not sure I ever mentioned Writer\’s Market, which is the most comprehensive guide book I know of listing publishing companies internationally wide, and what their submission specs are, a bit about them, etc: that\’s the page for it….
    Hope things are ok with you… and take care Disa
    Suzanne xx

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  3. Disa

    Thanks for your comments Dev and Suz.  Dev, I\’m glad you learned something this week 🙂 I did, too. I hate to label and categorize things, but It\’s hard to market your work when you don\’t even know what to call it, so I was on a mission. Suz, I do know about Writer\’s Market, though I haven\’t bought any of them since around 1998. It may be time to invest in another.  They become outdated really fast, though so, I\’m  keeping up with the new ways of marketing with Duotrope and other resources, but it just takes so long to wade through all the listings, then find out for sure if what you are selling is what they are actually buying.  You know what I mean- I\’m sure you have to do the same thing with your art. I\’ve got a few lists of different markets, but I\’m still trying to make sure what I have fits.Take care,D~


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