Out with the old, in with the new…

So far this year has been one of taking inventory, getting rid of things that aren’t needed, making space for something new to enter into my life.  With the changing of my work hours, there seems to be more time for taking care of the mundane things, which in turn frees up more time for doing whatever I feel like doing.  I’m hoping to take some online courses in metaphysics, get started in some sort of consistant exercise routine, write more, and actually make some jewelry. Since Tarot continues to be an important part of my life,  I’ve signed up as a volunteer reader at Tarot for Life.
Putting these things in writing helps me set my intent, and holds me accountable to myself to stay the course.
Brightest Blessings in the new year,

2 thoughts on “Out with the old, in with the new…

  1. Suzanne

    How\’s the reading going, Disa? I never did sign up, even though I had planned on it. I hope you post pictures of your jewelry. I love silver jewelry, and I like the way you see a piece and "feel" it\’s underlying form–what it really wants to be.Love Ya –S xxxx


  2. Disa

    The reading\’s going fine as far as I can tell. We are assigned readings in a specific order and so far, I\’ve only had one turn since I signed up. I think I\’m close to my next assignment, though. It\’s a great environment with wonderful participants who are extrememly supportive. The pace seems to fit well for me since I seem to have my hands in so many projects all at once. It\’s very well organized, too.The silver jewelry I\’ve made so far is just very basic pendants. There aren\’t many of them, either. I am horrible with taking pictures and putting them online. It\’s something I haven\’t taken a lot of time to learn but I\’ll definitely have to sometime soon.Love ya, too xxxD~


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