What’s Happening?

Midway through 2009 and on the night of a full moon I decided to reflect on what I’ve accomplished so far this year (or not).

Well, my writing is slow going. I’ve been working on a story off and on for quite some time but I haven’t really put forth the effort or had the time I need to in order to get it finished.  There are a lot of ideas circulating and once I sit down to write it, I’m sure it will flow freely.
 I haven’t had a chance to work with silver jewelry at all or rather, I haven’t MADE the time to work with it. So what HAVE I been doing? A lot of mundane things: doctor and dental appointments, new tires and brakes, shopped around for cheaper car insurance, worked full time, cleaned the house, cooked when I felt like it, and other misc. tasks that working mothers/wives do.

I did enroll in online metaphysical courses and I’ve been taking them since February or March. It’s amazing how much better a person can feel about studying when they are studying something they love.  It’s also amazing how much more grounded I feel when I’m taking these courses.

I’ve also signed up for a 6 week Tarot course at a local Metaphysical shop. I’ve been to 2 classes already and I love it!  I’m hoping to get more comfortable with reading for strangers face to face by taking these courses. I’m definitely gaining a lot of practical knowledge by taking the course, and there is A LOT of homework. Yikes.

Oh, and I’ve been doing my NIA exercise DVD’s 3-4 times per week. It’s like Spiritual exercise, who knew there could be such a thing?

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to…What have you been up to?



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