What’s up with Tarot?

A little free time had me wandering around this “Space” and I realized there aren’t any entries listed in the Tarot category. The Horror! Tarot is such a big part of my life so you’d think I had tons of entries about it. (Actually, it’s scattered throughout the site). So here’s a little blurb about all my current Tarot related activities.

I’ve been  a volunteer reader at Tarot for Life for quite some time now. I love that site and all the people in it. If you’re a member there you can request readings once you’ve been a member for a while. If you’re a reader, it may be something you want to look into. It’s very well run and I have a lot of fun doing it. There is isn’t a huge volume of reading requests so it’s good if you are a reader and like to do some once in a while without getting overwhelmed.

Last month I also became a volunteer reader at the American Tarot Association’s Free Reading Network. We give one card readings to the general public, meaning you don’t have to be a member to request readings. If you’re a reader, you may want to look into this, too. I felt like I had kind of a slow start getting everything set up, but once I got going I had a request every single day I asked for one. You can decide how many you’ll take in a day and I’ve always had the number I’ve asked for, so it’s great that you can decide how many readings you want to do.

At the end of September I set up my own little Reading website. I’m having fun learning new things and putting them up on the site.(I need to learn how to put Tarot Spreads on it.)  One of my favorite things to do is the TarotScopes. I just finished putting  them up today for the month of December. No one’s really seen the site but friends and family so far, it’s funny to me when they tell me that one of the TarotScopes was accurate for them. Last month my daughter said, “Mommy, if that thing is right then I’m into the college I applied to!” Well, low and behold the little skeptic got in! I reminded her of what she said, too. 🙂

You can find links to all these places on either side of the “Blog”, if you’re interested.

Happy Taroting…



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