Though writing is a craft in and of itself. I’ve given it it’s own category.  This section will be to discuss things we make.

I like to make jewelry using Art Clay Silver, natural stones, wood, glass, and beads.  I also make Wine Charms, Book Marks, Fan Pulls and other miscellaneous items.

Lately I’ve been incorporating some pewter elements that I bought from various places.  I’m not sure how I feel about it.  Theoretically, I could make all these charms using art clay silver, however, the time and expense of it would be astronomical and my finished product would not be as refined as some of the things I see in the stores. I guess it’s the same as using stones I didn’t drill the holes in myself or get from a mining excursion or wood that’s pre-cut and fashioned from a tree I didn’t personally chop down???

It’s therapeutic to create my own things from Art Clay silver, but it isn’t always practical. There is a time for inspiration and a time to get the job done.  I just want each piece to reflect my own creative process in some way.  If it becomes like assembly line work, I won’t find that very rewarding at all.



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