Science and Spirituality Should Be Friends


Here’s a link to an article I ran across by Deepak Chopra:

My Take: Science and spirituality should be friends

I agree with him.  This is why I began studying metaphysics in the first place.



Opening up

Remarkable things are happening to me. People I’ve known on a surface
level are approaching me with their spiritual concerns and opening up
with aspects of themselves I never knew after all these years. One came
to me with a serious inquiry about spirits and when I asked why she
came to me with it she said, “Because I think you are the only one who
I could trust not to think I’m crazy and who would understand.” Not
only do I understand, I think I can actually point her in the direction
she needs to go regarding her own beliefs and abilities. This is what
I’ve been working towards all these years, to define my own belief
system and abilities, learn how to develop them, and then help others.
She came to me, of her own free will, and I had answers. She’ll be
back, she says D~