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Welcome to a space less traveled…my tiny space in my tiny corner of the internet. Hopefully you’ll find something here of interest. I ran across this space totally a by accident before MSN made it into a WordPress blog and decided it would be a good place to write down my intentions and watch as they manifest into reality. It’s also a place where I put links to many of the things that are important to me, and many of the things that influence my writing on some level. You can find links on the right hand menu, but for some reason this WordPress theme doesn’t underline them or make them a color that stands out from the rest of the text.  Hover and you can see what they are about. Click and you’ll be on your way.


Apart from the day to day grind to which we all must inevitably succumb if we are to become self sufficient adults, there exists a yearning for something more.  Our souls aren’t meant to be trapped in a cubicle and our creativity isn’t meant to be contained.  Even in the midst of living in the confines of society our spirits must find a way to soar.  We must be the catalyst towards our own freedom and our own fulfillment.

My intention is to find a way to somehow incorporate what I love to do into a way to make a living, and to do it with integrity.

I love to write fiction, all kinds of fiction. I started out writing for children and teens.  I submitted a few short stories to major children’s markets and got rejections from every one. Rejections are the stepping stones to success.  If you are getting rejections, at least you are putting your work out there. It means you have finished pieces of work that are waiting to find the right home.  I still have those pieces and I will eventually get them all out, polish them, and send them out again.

I started a novel quite a few years ago.  It’s mostly done…in my head. I just have to get it out of my head and onto some pages into a readable format so someone besides me will know the story… It’s sort of a paranormal mystery for adults.  I “should” have finished it by now but writing a novel is daunting and at times overwhelming.  It seems there is never enough time to fully immerse myself into the world of writing a novel. Life interrupts, and so I go back to the short story.  Five of my Metaphysical, Tarot related short stories have been published and you can find links to them by clicking here which will take you to the “Published Fiction” page above.  I’m pretty happy with them being published and it gives me the motivation to continue writing. Disa Wylde is the pen name I have chosen for writing in this genre.

I’ve also learned to make silver jewelry using Art Clay Silver.  Mostly pendants and earrings. I like to embellish them with natural stones, glass, or wooden beads. I’d like to branch out further and learn how to do more necklaces and bracelets, but I have yet to figure out how to crimp the clasps closed on the ends of the cords or chains in a way that seems sturdy enough. In addition I make miscellaneous things such as ceiling fan pulls, book marks, pendulums, wine stoppers and wine charms.  You can find some images of my work by clicking here or the “My Crafts” page above.

I’ve been learning and reading the Tarot since about 2005. The Tarot has so many layers and there is still so much for me to learn. I don’t really think I’ll ever know everything there is to know about it. I never grow tired of learning more about it.  I’m of the mind that if you are going to do something, you have to do it right, and as a result, I’m often slow to learn things like this-because I’m a very methodical thinker. I over analyze and I sometimes see too many sides of a situation. So, it took a while for me to learn the basic meanings of the cards. I really needed that foundation, though so that my intuition would have a “jumping off” point.  I feel that melding the intellectual side of reading with the intuitive is necessary to be a really good reader. You can find a link to my Tarot site,  Readings by Ree by clicking here.  I offer free monthly “TarotScopes” on my website in addition to paid readings via email.

All of these things are close to my heart, they make my spirit soar. I think they will be life long interests that will evolve with me. I’m working on a website to incorporate all the things I love: Metaphysical Consulting, Life Coaching, Reiki, Tarot, Jewelry.  If you have any questions about those things or are interested in my services, please feel free to inquire about pricing, etc.

I’ll be writing about a variety of things as I progress through my journey of learning, many of which will provide no interest to the masses. Just a small documentation of one person’s goal and the process by which she got there.

Brightest Blessings,


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